Cyprus island - Beaches

General information about Cyprus

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea are allocated in Cyprus. With 400 kilometres of coastline, you can find the beach which suits you best. Golden sandy beaches, beaches with pebbles or rocks, organised or not, Cyprus offers a large variety of beaches for every taste.

Cyprus participates in the European program BLUE FLAG. The program promotes clean coasts as well as proper environmental management of the coastal regions across Europe. The “European blue Flag” is credited to the beaches that fulfil the very strict criteria, in order to obtain the proper environmental management of the coastal regions and the high quality of the water.

In 2008 the Blue Flag has been credited to 52 beaches in Cyprus. The fact that every coastal city in Cyprus has beautiful beaches is very impressive, since the heart of every city beats by the sea.

Some of the beaches in Cyprus have also uniquely beautiful names such as Afroditi (Venus), Armonia (Harmony), Aorati (Invisible), Pantahou (Everywhere). Common names do exist, such as Pahia Ammos (Thick Sand), Faros (Lighthouse), Loutra tou Kampouri (Baths of the Crook-back) and Kiverniti (Governor’s Beach).

Through these webpages we will inform you for the location and characteristics of every beach in Cyprus